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Surprise, surprise, Ethan Craft grew up to be a major hottie.And, as if he couldn't get any cuter, since playing Lizzie's crush on the show, Ethan has taken up water polo and has played on the USA Men's National Team, among others, while also continuing to pursue acting.We really, really enjoyed filming it and we had just some of the best crew and cast. I think all that kind of came across on screen, I like to think, to make it so influential and make it such a good-feeling kind of show.” Though he admits he doesn’t see how anyone’s still able to recognize him, (“I look extremely different but people can still pick me out in a crowd!”), Thomas said being approached by fans is exciting because it proves the show’s fan base hasn’t wavered.'I am beyond excited to be home again, back with my girl' SURPRISE!!! She explains that her character is no longer in her teens but is now a 30-year-old woman.I’ve been trying to contain this excitement for a loooong time while this has been in the works! Lizzie is living in New York, working her dream job as an apprentice decorator and is also dating the perfect man.“I’ve talked with him a little bit in the past few months,” Thomas said. He’s living in New York and getting his masters degree, I believe.

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Turns out, Thomas and Lalaine reconnected a few months ago after she attended his birthday party.

So all the social media accounts — the Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter — that people think is him, is actually not him.” In any case, Thomas insisted the cast and crew were like family to him, and he’s thrilled that the show he grew up on has had such a long and lasting legacy.

“It’s weird that it is a show that became so nostalgic and that people had such a close and really personal kind of relationship with,” he said.

If we're lucky and everyone from the OG cast does return, here is what the brand new may have ended 15 years ago, but Jake still loves reminiscing about his time on the show.

These days, Jake works as a photographer and director—in addition to acting—and has shot all of your faves like the Merrell Twins and Chloe Lukasiak.’ Neither of us had seen her in well over a decade. So the waiter goes and brings the drink to her and she looks over and sees us and then we all hugged and talked and caught up a little bit. “And I’ve slowly, in the past year, been trying to catch up with everyone.