Linux shell programing validating date Live stream web camera xxx

22-Sep-2020 16:16

But some of the records do not, I would like to set up a shell script where I can pass in a parameter "Sample.txt" and it would split the file into records...

Don't know if it is important: Debian Linux / My SQL 5.1 I have a table: media_id int(8) group_id int(8) type_id int(8) expiration date start date cust_id int(8) num_runs int(8) preferred_time int(8) edit_date timestamp ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP id...

Hi, I want to validate if the given input is a valid month (written in long month format) Jan / Feb / Mar / Apr / May / Jun etc etc This is what I've got with

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The user takes action to add the new certificate to the storage file and user owns the responsibility to update the input text file with the new certificate... I want to validate date pattern using Regex expression here is the sample program i have written. /bin/sh check Date="2010-04-09" regex="\d-\d-\d$" echo $regex if ] then echo "OK" else echo "not OK" fi But the ouput is...In this form, I have it also checking if the fields in the date are correct, but you can remove those conditionals if you don't need them.

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