Mary kay dating young boy

30-Oct-2020 11:51

For the couple’s sake I hope to be proved wrong, but I won’t hold my breath.

May I suggest that the surfeit of righteous indignation and mostly shallow peroration generated by this affair may be due to an actual lack of experience and/or envy at having missed out a truly grand experience?

The diving interest basically started with me (Tony) as a young boy.

While watching Jacques Cousteau on TV with my father, I thought, 'WOW!

I said something like, "You don't have to do it just because I am doing it!

" Her response was, "Give me credit for being willing to try!

I lament that the development of the MKL-VF life story has been so profoundly influenced by nosy, meddlesome do-gooders and profiteers instead of been allowed to run its course without undue public scrutiny.

For this marriage seems to be a product of such unconscious meddling, a statement of defiance, and as such a bad omen to its success.

Indeed, I have met some really cool, fun and adventurous people through this sport!

Important as it is to have had a good sexual initiation, I’ve always counted the mind opening and maturing that N brought to my life as the highlight of our relationship.

It was carried in a dignified manner and since it was of the older woman – young boy persuasion it was clearly not forced upon me, far from it!

Mary Kay and I have been dive buddies since around 1987 and we have been lucky enough to have the chance to visit many underwater places throughout US and the world.

Now, with the wonderful World Wide Web, we can share our adventures with all are family and friends!

yes, i believe, as you suggest, that the story would have been received differently if the genders were reversed. yes, it is sick but love is very powerful that no one can describe. But we should thread very carefully on the complex emotional and sexual relationship that developed from there on as some very high-minded but naive or hypocritical comments have been made.

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