Most intimidating boy names

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There are many variations to the name, one being Dori, which would be a cute nickname with Finding Dory being such a huge hit with kids everywhere.The relentless Agent Smith in The Matrix series has inspired some new Smith's out there, and no I’m not talking about a slew of Agent Smith’s looking to stop Neo.And who can forget Prince Charles, although I’m sure no one in their right mind would call him Chucky.Dallas is not only a city in Texas, but the name belonging to a classic Character from the novel and film The Outsiders.Kevin Smith, Will Smith, Matt Smith, and Sam Smith are just some of the few. This name comes straight out of a horror movie, and one about a possessed doll no less!Okay, it’s a given that Chucky is a bad doll rather than a bad boy, and it's fair to say this name is a bit over the top, but all creepy dolls aside, the name Chuck is actually quite adorable with the right amount of quirk. The name Chucky comes from the name Charles, and the very regal name Charles comes from the Germanic “Karl.” Charles is certainly a royal name, being borne by ten kings of France, kings of Hungary, and Naples too!I am talking about his name, his plain, generic name for such a super villain.Although Smith is commonly a surname, I find that it actually makes quite a cute first name as well.

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Just look at Bryce Dallas Howard, it makes for an awesome middle name too!

So what do parents do when they’ve gone through all the names in every book and on every site, and still haven’t found the one?

There’s a lot of meaning behind every name chosen and parents around the world are tasked with picking a perfect name for their little bundle of joy. The names are endless and sometimes it’s overwhelming and difficult to find the one that matches ever so perfectly.

The name Smith originated in England and is the most popular surname in the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.

The name is common among those of English, Scottish and Irish descent.The name Kyler however is Gaelic in origin, stemming from the name Tyler.