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16-Jun-2020 20:33

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I mean, I will admit that I thought it was crazy when the Republicans were proposing it, but I don‘t think the Democrats were abusing the filibuster like the GOP is now.RICH: I don‘t think you‘re crazy, but I think, you know, if we‘re just looking at the politics of it, let the Republicans filibuster.Look, I am all for the Constitution, I‘m all for as being protected from the tyranny of the majority. I like arcane rules that protect minority rights—duh. It seems like this rule is not being used as intended.The Republicans search for meaning by the way of the filibuster threat is having a tangible effect. The approval rating for congressional Democrats, just that you know, it‘s up 25 points from a month ago.

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I think they‘re increasingly a regional southern white party that‘s upholding very strongly its opposition to deficits after letting that cow out of the barn for eight years.When Democrats were in the minority in 2005/2006, there were 54 cloture votes, Republicans freaked out about that publicly.They threatened the nuclear option to end the filibuster rule to take away that power in the Senate.Senior Illinois senator and Democrat, Dick Durbin, is also confirming that the Senate Ethics Committee is investigating Mr. All over the issue of quid pro quo, whether the quid that Governor Blagojevich sought in exchange for the Senate seat was quod (ph) his way by Roland Burris. ROLAND BURRIS, (D) ILLINOIS: You know, the real Roland, I am the real Roland. Through, say, the 1980s and 1990s, it was normal to have 20 or 30 cloture votes, 20 or 30 filibusters during a given session of Congress.

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If I had done the things I‘ve been accused of, I would be too embarrassed to stand up here in front of you. That started to pick up a bit in the mid-90s to about -- 50 votes.

RICH: Right, I think, it‘s being read as—remember the famous Gingrich temper tantrum about where he was seated in the airplane.