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It has been argued that this story is derived from a misunderstood picture of the story of the three purses, which were mistaken for the heads of children.

However, the main development of the cult of the saint was that he became the patron of navigation. The pagan patrons of the sailors, the Divine Twins, had for centuries been venerated in Myra.

A nice Byzantine story explains this exceptional honor.

It says that Nicholas was ascending to heaven with another saint, when they heard the prayers of sailors in a storm.

Soon, every port belonging to the Hanseatic League, and many others, had a church that was dedicated to the man from Bari.

In England alone, nearly 400 churches were dedicated in his honor.

This changed when the Turks invaded Anatolia after the battle of Manzikert (1071) and captured Myra.

The date of its inauguration was celebrated every year.The most famous example is the story about the three boys: the bishop of Myra had learned about an inn where the cook killed children and offered their meat to his guests.Nicholas discovered a tub with the pickled bodies of three boys and, fortunately, one episcopal blessing was sufficient to restore them to life.Soon, Nicholas was the most-represented saint on Byzantine seals.

After all, the Byzantine empire was largely situated around the eastern Mediterranean, and the protection of navigation was of supreme importance for the state.In Holland, which plays an important role in the transformation of the cult of this saint, he was lovingly called , which is equally apt, because it means 'good holy man'. The legend of the three boys saved from death became more so popular that Nicholas was recognized as patron of children.

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