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MONC came about when soul DJ Yashiv Cohen (vocals) was overheard singing along with the tunes he was playing at one of TASC (Tel Aviv Soul Club) parties. He took it to his friends from the rock’n’roll band Electra – Nitzan Horesh (guitars), Doron Farhi (bass) and Boaz Wolf (drums, keys) – and then to the Sizzling Horns of Sefi Sizzling (of Funk'n'stein and The Ramirez Brothers, trumpet), his protégé baby brother Ongy Sizzling (of Coolooloosh, sax) and Israel's Supreme Court legal clerk - Ido Kretchmer (trombone).By the end of 2012, MONC introduced bassist Jonathan Ydov (of Ta'ani Esther) to their crew, while Farhi took over Horesh's place at lead guitar.

All members belong to the Korean Workers' Party.

The ruling Kim family exercises control through fear and personality cults.

North Korea, or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a highly centralized communist country under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un.

The judicial branch consists of a Central Court, as well as provincial, county, city and military courts. Over the past several decades, the government of North Korea has attempted to purge borrowed vocabulary from the lexicon.

Meanwhile, South Koreans have adopted words such as "PC" for personal computer, "handufone" for mobile phone, etc.The prime minister said five people were killed in Abaco Island. More than a dozen fire towers across the Adirondacks were illuminated Saturday night in the Light the Towers event. More: North Country at Work Photo"The North Country at Work project travels around the region collecting images and stories of the working lives and history of North Country communities.

Archaeologists Per Persson and Mikael Manninen of the University of Oslo found the chewed bits of “gum” at a Mesolithic campsite on Sweden’s west coast, and asked Natalija Kashuba, then a researcher at Oslo’s Museum of Cultural History, to check them for genetic material.… continue reading »

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