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25-Oct-2020 13:57

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I thought seeing a naked kid is different because it's not "porn." Do you think law enforcement has a way of tracking chatroulette conversations?

yes but there are a limited number of network access points that all internet communication passes through.

Basically, they connect to the internet and the program watches for a particular word or term to be seen.

That then activates the program to begin recording that particular data stream.

It is not illegal to see a naked kid running down the street.

Just the same, it is not illegal to accidentally view such on chatroullette. to chatroullette; the website specifically provides a TOS that states such activity is not allowed.

I feel so stupid and I'm just so worried that I've ruined my life forever if I get caught. And if there are thousands of people on there I can't imagine they would all get prosecuted? to chatroullette; the website specifically provides a TOS that states such activity is not allowed.

I'm just freaking out because the few chats, and the chatroulette viewings, and now posting this question all seem to be adding up, and now I keep thinking the police are watching my every move and are going to knock on my door any second :''''(. EDIT: Also, in the grand scheme of things, is what I did so bad considering there was no solicitation or more drastic stuff like that? The last I heard, they are actually working on a program that would automatically terminate any participant that showed their genitals.

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Another thing to remember is that a charge is by no means a guarantee of a conviction; my personal opinion is that even the best prosecutor in the state would have great difficulty convincing a jury that a sexually oriented chat between persons over the age for giving informed consent to sexual activity (in that state) constituted a sexual offense.

The US government already has been caught using keyword triggered tracking on high level network transfer lines and that was quite a few years ago. Perhaps, but they would have to be watching the conversations as they were happening as opposed to after the conversation ended, I presume...

I don't think chatroulette keeps old conversations but I could be wrong. I can't remember the name of the system the government was using but it was all over the news.

It also is designed to be able to determine the addresses of the sender and receiver so they can then link that data to the users.

Firstly, you have to wonder the likelihood of anyone actually pressing charges. It's certainly no greater than your chances of facing charges for similar contact with someone of that age at your school - and of the many thousands of people in the country who have just passed the age of consent and have sexual contact with someone a year or so younger than them, very few ever face charges.Child pornography laws are not applicable to chatroulette because there is no way for chatroulette to actually store any images on your hard drive.