Pisces dating a capricorn

14-Dec-2019 10:27

This will bring a great mixture in sex life, as sex will be earthy and lustful one time, and other time dreamy and emotional.Although these signs are quite different, they meet each other’s needs very well.He or she will provide practicality to the relationship.Capricorn wants an intellectual partner and will wait for the right partner before showing romance and love.Water sign Pisces is extremely sensitive, often quite psychic, and good at following its gut instincts.Earth sign Capricorn downplays emotions, tends to be rather detached and bases its judgments on cold facts and practicalities.

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Because the two individuals can sense they have an important part to play in each other’s lives, they may find it hard to resist each other – and even harder to part.In the case of Pisces and Capricorn, both share the same sense of loyalty and devotion to the people they love, and a willingness to give their all for them.

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