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21-Apr-2020 18:06

If someone says to “come at ” he usually expects his guest to be there at .

Lateness of more than 15 minutes is considered rude, and an apology or explanation will be expected.

Authority figures with obviously intimidating powers, such as police officers, will usually be given polite deference as well, though it should be noted that Canadian law and the Canadian Constitution grants individual Canadians significant legal rights to question or disobey authorities whom they have reason to believe are acting improperly.

For the most part, Canadians are quite literal about time and schedules.

The bare minimum expected is 15% of the total price of the bill, but over-tipping in the case of exceptionally good service is common as well.

Failing to tip (or under-tipping) is considered extremely rude and will be immediately noticed.

12 noon is usually considered lunchtime, while 6 PM is approximately when most families eat dinner.

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Churrasco lunch on Sundays is not only a widespread tradition going back for centuries, it’s also the biggest (and most important) meal of the week!

Canadians meeting for the first time usually shake hands to introduce themselves, and may shake hands before departing, as well.

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