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02-Jul-2020 09:09

For example, my parents grew up in a world of multi-generational families where girls “left” the family to become a part of someone else’s.Though they don’t expect me to literally move into this kind of household anymore, they certainly think that were I to get married I’d spend more time pleasing and taking care of my new set of parents.The question might be surprising, even shocking, in a day and age where judgements are supposedly no longer based on race (we can discuss whether Alice: It might feel that way sometimes, but I think for the most part, the core of the matter has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with the importance of family and the desire of our immigrant parents to communicate with their in-laws.It’s not just the English language gap, but also differences in expectations and behaviors.Ahalya: I’ve had many discussions with my family about this.There are definitely some cultural backgrounds they are more comfortable with and others they view as “too different” from their own, which gets conflated with racial differences as well.Alice: I actually suspect that race matters to white families too, even if it’s not as prominent as in Asian families.

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Things like giving compliments, offering to pay and showing respect to elders carry so much more weight to my parents than to my boyfriend’s parents.That’s usually the first thing people ask when they hear that Alice’s boyfriend is white.

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