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the discovery of radioactivity that gave to the geologists a “clock” which helped them to define it.

The determination of absolute (radiometric) age of a rock is based on the radioactive decay of isotopes.

This method has been developed as part of paleontology – science concerned with fossils and development of life through geological history.

In defining the order of deposits by relative dating, only the order of deposits has been determined, i.e.

These strata allows geologists to determine relative time (that is, sequence of deposition of each layer, and thus the relative age of the fossils in each layer).

There are 5 important principles or Absolute Time Absolute time is sometimes also called "numerical time".

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For the determination of the “exact” time when certain rocks appeared, it was the beginning of the 20 century, i.e.First to get relative age relationships between local units, then to find index fossil ages for the sedimentary rocks and radiometric dates where possible.Index Fossils Fossils are called index fossils if they allow a correlation from continent to continent.In determining the relative age of a rock, the data from sedimentary rocks are generally used.

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Relative age of magmatic and metamorphic rocks is determined according to their relation with sedimentary rocks.

The determination of the relative age of a rock is based on the principle of original horizontality of the sediments, principle of superposition, principle of original lateral continuity, principle of cross-cutting relationships, principle of inclusions, principle of biological succession and the lithology of a rock.