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The financial crisis of 2008/9 hit the UAE hard, with fluctuating oil prices, a depressed real estate market, banking collapse and a decline in consumer luxury spending.Since then, the country has heavily diversified into banking and finance, trade and commerce, industry, tourism and entertainment.Dating Woman Agency is an international dating service with a sufficiently serious approach to business.It is a serious online dating site for people with serious intentions.With an expatriate workforce from South Asia, Egypt, the Philippines and Western Europe amongst others, English is often the shared language between expat communities.English is widely used in business, and several of the country's newspapers are published in English. Many UAE citizens study at UK universities and a number of UK institutions have ties in the region, so employers often have an understanding of UK qualifications.However, UK graduates going to the UAE to work will need an understanding of its cultural and religious values and how these affect day-to-day life.Expatriates are sponsored and work is on a contract basis, with tax-free earnings and an end of service gratuity payment when your contract ends.

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Every year, from 4 to 6 thousand of European Girls marry Americans.

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With the development of the Internet and the emergence of a large number of dating sites, the specialized also emerged - only for european ladies and foreign fiances.

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It is worth noting that even nowadays when it became known that the life of wives abroad is not so cloudless, that living abroad women face a lot of difficulties and problems, which often do not cancel the need to work and to be engaged in everyday life, "abroad" still attracts all East European Ladies.

More information about the United Arab Emirates is available on the United Arab Emirates Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet. S.-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES RELATIONS The United States has had friendly relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 1971, following its formation and independence from the United Kingdom. companies, drawn by strong logistics and transport industries, use the UAE.