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Revised 2/12 405 North Central Michigan College is a public institution of higher education whose authority is derived from the Michigan Constitution of 1963 and whose property and resources are primarily dedicated to academic, administrative and related functions.As an institution that highly regards the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and right to peaceably assemble, North Central Michigan College affords groups and individuals an invitation to exercise such freedoms on its grounds.Violation of city/local/state or federal ordinances and regulations by students, employees and others will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authority for subsequent action.The Vice President of Student Affairs will maintain all records or reports of alleged offenses, associated investigations and related action taken.If an incident report form is transmitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs, actions will be taken in accordance with the procedures above set forth.

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Minutes of each meeting will be prepared and distributed to the campus community.The College has not found it necessary, appropriate or cost effective to maintain a separate law enforcement division or security department at this time and relies upon the City of Petoskey Department of Public Safety and other local law enforcement agencies for law enforcement on the College campus and its off-campus locations.