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Following his arrest, Bianchi admitted that in 1977 he and Buono, while posing as police officers, stopped a young woman called Catharine Lorre with the intention of abducting and killing her.But after learning she was the daughter of actor Peter Lorre, they let her go.On January 11, 1979, working as a security guard, Bianchi lured two female students into a house he was guarding.The women were 22-year-old Karen Mandic and 27-year-old Diane Wilder, both students at Western Washington University.

His mother described him as "lazy", and his teachers claimed that he was working below his capacity.

He is also known for the Hillside Strangler murders along with his cousin Angelo Buono in Los Angeles, California, as well as having murdered two more women in Washington by himself.

He is currently serving a sentence of life imprisonment in Washington State Penitentiary for these crimes.

After Bianchi's adoptive father died suddenly from pneumonia in 1964, the teenaged Bianchi refused to cry or show any other signs of grief.

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Due to her husband's death, Frances had to work while her son attended high school and was known for keeping Bianchi home from school for long periods of time.

Bianchi forced the first student down the stairs in front of him and then strangled her. Without help from his partner, Bianchi left many clues, and police apprehended him the next day.

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