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Newsday reporters speculated that serial killer Joel Rifkin, a former resident on LI, may have been responsible for some of the older remains found in March and April 2011.

Four of the victims' complete bodies were never found.

(The match had been made through DNA submitted by his brother, convicted in 2013 in an unrelated case.) A married carpenter, Bittrolff had lived in Manorville, three miles from where the torsos of LISK victims Jessica Taylor and "Jane Doe No. (See victims in section below) Biancavalli said that Bittfolff was a hunter who was said to enjoy the killing of animals.

Joseph Brewer, an Oak Beach resident, was one of the last people known to see Shannan Gilbert alive.

On December 13, 2011, police announced that the remains of Shannan Gilbert were found in a marsh about half a mile from where she had disappeared.

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On November 29, 2011, the police stated their belief that one person is responsible for all 10 deaths.

Biancavilla stated that Bittrolff was likely responsible for the deaths of other women, and that there were similarities between the Gilgo Beach crime scenes and Bittrolff's known murders, for which he was convicted in May 2017 and sentenced in September.

Bittrolff was arrested in 2014, linked by DNA found on two prostitute homicide victims, Rita Tangredi and Colleen Mc Namee, whose bodies were found in 19, respectively.

They also had concluded that the case of Shannan Gilbert, an escort who went missing before the first set of bodies were found, was not related.

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This discovery led to a search, and three more bodies were found two days later in the same area, on the north side of the Ocean Parkway.

Police believe that Gilbert accidentally drowned after stumbling into the marsh. Gilbert was last seen banging on a resident's door and screaming for help before running off into the night.