Shavon and dorian dating

27-Jun-2020 05:00

If you’re thieving and you have this exciting life, there’s gotta be a part of you that’s addicted to it, so I’m probably like a recovering danger addict that someone has given a sip to. He’s super tough, and he plays that stuff really well, but he’s so electric. Where Lucas is a killer, I don’t want to hurt them.

There’s gotta be some element where I’m like, “Oh, yeah, that! Being a Real Housewife of Banshee has got to be a little dull, too. The first episode we shot was Episode 4, and after I saw it, I said to him, “You are TNT.

In two minutes, I suddenly have a blacksmith called Haskell, rather than spending 20 minutes staring at a wall trying to come up with a name. for example, my mc uses earth elemental magic mostly, so i use google translate (in this case to arabic) for earth and got 'ard. Asides from that, I use names from just about every mythology on the face of the planet, sometimes names from people I've met might pop into my head (extra hilarity when said people end up in some ridiculously OP position like the Ruler of the Solar System), etc.

I have a feeling we’re going to see some of that come out, more and more.

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