Signs of dating a con artist

07-Dec-2019 05:27

It’d be great if new technology made it easier to protect ourselves from cons, but unfortunately, the opposite is true.

As Konnikova points out, consumer fraud in the United States is climbing, increasing by 60 percent since 2008. It’s commonly believed that only foolish people get conned — an idea that Konnikova thoroughly debunks — so it’s understandable that people are often unwilling to admit that they’ve fallen victim to a con artist.

She interweaves psychological studies with stories of bizarre cons people actually managed to pull off to delve into how these schemers operate.

The book isn’t meant to scare; rather, it gives readers a chance to better understand the complicated factors that influence a con’s success and how we might attempt to guard ourselves against them.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.Over time, Demara used his knowledge to gain his biographer’s trust, convince him he was reformed, and then — surprise! While we think of innocent, everyday people as being the most commonly taken advantage of by con artists, the cheat sometimes becomes the cheated.As Konnikova explains it, the supreme confidence of con artists, which is usually a weapon, can ultimately be what leads to their downfall.When people lie, however, even if what they say sounds credible to you, There’s no denying that social media envy is a real thing.

You look at someone’s Instagram page and immediately become envious of their lifestyle, relationship, or even their circle of friends.Social media is now so entrenched in our lives, that it’s difficult to not feel somewhat inferior when the next person looks like they have it together.

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