Sophos enterprise console stopped updating intimidating shout spell id

05-Sep-2020 23:00

Once the detections have stopped, you can acknowledge the alerts in the Console, this way you can see who is still reporting it, and confirm it is trending down.You should also check that any third-party applications that may have been erroneously detected as Shh/Updater-B are restored.You may want to do this to reduce the load on the update manager that is already installed and distribute updates more efficiently.

sophos enterprise console stopped updating-46

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If the computer is in a workgroup, log on as a local administrator.For example, to upgrade to 6.9.4 version from pre-6.9.1 releases (6.7.3 or 6.8.x), Pre Upgrade-v6.9-Check this patch has to be run first.The check will identify any network services addresses that will need to be changed based on the 6.9.x reconfiguration (for example DNS or NTP server address).If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled on the computer, turn off UAC and restart the computer.

You can turn UAC on again after you have installed the update manager and subscribed to Sophos updates.

This would make more sense to me if the updates were installed a day (or week) before the error occurred.