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22-Mar-2020 05:05

Noticed on the clerk computers in my stake that Sophos has stopped updating since January 10, 2017 (the Windows error message popped up for spyware/adware protection).

I will call support this week to see what is going on (Sophos installs with the image from the management client, so it's hard to get rid of).

Some of these machines are completely unable to log in, and some log in after a very extended period of time.

Avast suggests that users roll back the update as well and has published instructions on how to do so on the linked support page.

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I added a note to the Tuesday's Patch Overview for this month's Windows updates but the issue appears even more widespread than thought initially.Scroll down the list and click on Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows. When you open the file, a Security Warning will come up; it is ok to Run this file.