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This serves as a symbol of how Canada’s strength comes from the contributions of its people and their unique abilities, backgrounds, and experiences.The next act of the story begins when visitors enter The Dome, which is enclosed in a metallic exterior that reflects the surrounding foliage.It’s also a symbol of the common link humanity shares – the planet we reside upon, and our collective responsibility to look after it.With the journey complete, visitors are left with a distinct sense of what Canada has to offer and what it represents as a nation.

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Not only is this a distinct showcase of Canada as a leader in AI, machine learning, and innovation, but it also embodies the ethos of the nation’s warm embrace of diversity.This concept created in partnership with Expomobilia, GSM Project, Hidi Group, MBII, Multiplex, and RBG.Part of a legacy dating back to 1851, when the first World Expo was introduced in Hyde Park, London; Expo 2020 will take place in Dubai.Though he now lives in Poland, Filip continues to contribute to projects at B H across the globe, as that appreciation for diversity of perspective is as ingrained in our firm as it is in Canadian culture.

As visitors leave the dome and move into the final act of the story, they are provided a moment’s breath in a clearing.

Diversity is a distinct trait of Canadian culture that most stood out to team member Filip Piwowarczyk, during the two years he lived in Canada working with B H.