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Without qualification, yes Before we start looking at how the game models the British 30th Corp, let’s look for a moment at combat and Zones of Control.

As with all Simonitch Campaign ‘XX designs the CRT is odds based and punishing.

Each division can only earn 1 replacement step per turn, but they quickly become necessary and the Germans though weak early on can land significant punches of their own with a bad die roll or an ill-advised and overly aggressive allied attack against a city hex.

So, does the game model the fragility and scale of the airborne landings?

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Few of those games have been poorly received which makes it even more complicated to place this game in their midst without an encyclopedic knowledge of the other games.As a result, this review will not attempt to rank or compare other Market Garden games to each other.Instead, I’ll be looking at this game solely based on its own merits.Early on, the Germans will have the opportunity to roll and see if the 406th releases which has the quickest route to disrupt the 82nd Airborne’s drop zone and create enough force to stage the first meaningful counter-attack by the Germans. There’s only a 50/50 chance the 406th enters in turns 1 – 3.

For the Germans this can be a huge boon or a hearty reinforcement in turn 4 that can add to the scheduled reinforcements for the area around Nijmegen.

They also increase the value of the CRT results which require retreat or give the option for determined defense which is also a significant choice.

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