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The Aurelio has two engine choices, and although they may not compete with the engine performance of traditional supercars made abroad, the Honda B16A V-TEC engine (found in the old Honda Civic Si) and the 2.0 liter Mitsubishi 4G63T turbocharged engine can still pack a punch.

The Mitsubishi engine delivers up to 457 horsepower for the Aurelio, capable of propelling the car to a top speed of nearly 290 kilometers per hour and can run a quarter of a mile in under 10 seconds.

I got word yesterday that there were AKO MISMO dog tags available at our building lobby.

I had a meeting so I decided to get my dog tags after a half hour.

Its doors are similar to that of the Mc Laren P1, the front fascia and contours have a hint of the Ferrari 458 Italia and its rear end appears to have been inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador.

Add that to its brightly colored paint job (of orange or yellow), low-slung ground clearance, and well-defined sharp edges and you could easily mistake this car as European-made.

Behind the company are siblings Kevin, 22, and Bryan Factor, 25, and Brendan Aurelio, 37.

Younger brother Kevin researches the internal mechanics of the car while Aurelio is in charge of the interior and exterior designs.

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The car’s exterior design is a mash up of some of the leading names in this car segment.

There will be food and beverage booths courtesy of Mc Donald’s and Pep!

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