Uk dating for black people

13-May-2020 08:57

As we know, black people have never been a monolith.

Amongst black Brits we have cultural differences between British Africans and British Caribbeans.

For example, both of my parents are black people from Guyana.

I have been asked on dates whether we speak English (yes) and whether we celebrate Easter (yes! While I welcomed the inquiry, I felt a bit like an ambassador from a strange land.

If you’re only firing off questions and not sharing of yourself, it can come off more as an interview, at best, or at worst, an interrogation.

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Another client was on a date with a black British man who felt comfortable enough to go off on an anti-immigrant rant and his negative feelings about her “rasta locks.” Needless to say that neither of these women went out with these gentlemen again.The Black British date back to before the 16th century so a person can also be “homegrown” of many generations.