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25-Oct-2020 19:53

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I then thought I had my period on jan 22-25th (normal for me is 5-7 days)...could this just have been withdrawal bleeding or is it likely that this was actually my period? For 1-2 months after taking the morning after pill, your bleeding will be off and it will not be possible to be sure whether it was just withdrawal bleeding or a true period.Based on the starting day of your early January period, it is more laikely that all the bleeding you had in January after the Plan B was just withdrawal bleeding from the medication. The morning after pill most likely delayed the release of the egg to later in the month.The fact that it did increase in size and that there is a heartbeat are both very good signs.I usually don't repeat the ultrasound any sooner than 1 week apart because especially at small sizes, it's hard to control the little white cross calipers.I did have a period that started somewhere between the 6-8 of January.I had sex on the 14th and took the morning after pill on the 16th.Tell me ore about your specific situation and I can guide you to the solution.Women in situations where paternity is being contested will need to use technology that will stand up in court.

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I would say less than 500 calories a day...i was still taking the prenatal vitamins though....could this have affected the growth of the baby on the utlrasound?

Your low caloric intake was not enough to affect the babies growth at this stage.