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25-Nov-2020 02:01

If you are responsible, you have nothing to fear, however if you fail to keep these basic safety rules you might end up in danger.

Below are the most basic guidelines you should follow when calling a phone chat service: Never give out your personal phone number when talking on a chat line.

Fellas, you know that feeling when you are vibing with a woman; it’s unmistakable.

The spark, the connection, whatever you call it, it’s a vibe.

Your Membership will continue as long as you remain active.

To keep your Membership active you need to log in and use your time.

This is a really good way to get some free minutes on a chatline however there are many other ways to do this without having to wait a few months. If you have any of the above qualities, then you might want to consider a job working as an operator for adult chat lines! While the job description for this role might not be the most glamorous (you’re mostly talking with random men on the phone who are trying to find an outlet for their sexual fantasies, or who are just plain lonely), the job does come with a lot of extra benefits.Cyber-sex which involves sex chatting has virtually taken over the world. If you’ve called a chatline before, you’ve probably already noticed that all the phone chat companies — including Livelinks, Quest Chat, Fonochat, and Red Hot — keep a record of your phone number in their database to prevent you from making new accounts with them under the same number to achieve extra free minutes.

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