Updating openoffice in lenny

07-Jun-2020 03:46

The main things you'll want to back up are the contents of directory. parts of the Mozilla suite, and the GNOME and KDE desktop environments) are known to overwrite existing user settings with new defaults when a new version of the application is first started by a user.

As a precaution, you may want to make a backup of the hidden files and directories (“”) in users' home directories.

We suggest that before upgrading you also read the information in Chapter 5, Issues to be aware of for lenny.

That chapter covers potential issues not directly related to the upgrade process but which could still be important to know about before you begin.

After booting from that, you should be able to mount your root file system and of the lenny Debian Installer.

The advantage of using the installer is that you can choose between its many installation methods for one that best suits your situation.

However, there are a few backports which are made from unstable: security updates, plus the following exceptions: Firefox, the Linux kernel, Open Office.org, and X. If you do not use one of these exceptions, you can safely upgrade to lenny.

If you use one of these exceptions, set the ” line, and install the package with the highest version number, giving priority to the first line in the file (thus where you have multiple mirror locations, you'd typically first name a local hard disk, then ).

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The upgrade tools and process are quite reliable, but a hardware failure in the middle of an upgrade could result in a severely damaged system.For more information, please consult the section “ in the initrds it generates.