Updating symantec endpoint protection

29-Nov-2020 12:02

I The status of the definition updates are still the same. Kind regards, mustekkzn Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?

Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. Symantec apparently ran into a Y2K10 and any updates beyond 12/31/2009 are being interpreted by SEPM as old.

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Additional Clarification: The Intelligent Updater files are designed to update client installs for SEP or SAV only.

I've found some examples how to do the upgrade for SEPM and from there update the clients, but i'm not sure how to get from the 03 box to 2012 without starting from scratch. Or, should i start fresh with a 2012 machine and try to figure out how to get SEPM setup again?

I'd like to do the second option for a clean system but am not sure how to get the SEPM transferred over with it's existing groups and rules.

Also you do not need to extract the file just rename it from TO and it should work fine -Just drop that file in the incoming folder and wait for some time, it should start processing it.

Other Alternative is download and run intelligent updater: Goto this link:

As per my screenshot, I have done as you suggested. Is it safe to presume that I dont do the uninstall and reinstall of liveupdate then? Hopefully I will be able to get to the bottom of this quickly with your help.