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Most homebrew apps, emulators, plug-ins & programs work best with it. continue reading » How to Install 3.90 M33 Custom Firmware on a PSP.

I like 5.00m33-2 for two reasons, one of them being most PSX titles that didn't work do now & playstation store is integrated. *For Fat / Phat PSP users You need to have a minimum of 3.52 m33-4 update no.4 is a must or higher to install this firmware, this can't be installed on a 1.5 firmware.

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I have a 512MB memory stick and I’ve put the official update files on the card.

I’ve put them in every folder I can think of, the root of the card, in the PSP folder, in the PSP/Game Folder I can’t get the PSP to see the update at all.

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I’ve done a bunch of searching but all I'm getting is normal hacking guides or how to go to CFW to another CFW or sites selling the MS card So Any insight you could provide for the following issues would be greatly appreciated. That would automatically put it in the right place.PBP (File is on 3.80 M33 updater package)- u235(File is on 3.80 M33 updater package)04.Sigo el tutorial de: schzylla Según he visto se puede actualizar directamente, ¿cierto? Personally I think 3.71m33 is the perfect firmware.Also, you can use any combination of Micro SD cards you want, but make sure the slower memory card (if they're different classes) is in the first slot, and make sure you format them together so the PSP sees all the available space."/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/eboot.pbp" Tried that already it was the first place i put the files, after it didnt work i tried the other directories.

And thanks for the info on the Slot 1 i will try that once i get home.

It will download the new firmware automatically.-However, the network update does not include the official 3.90 firmware, a file required for the update.