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29-Feb-2020 10:48

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If it's first class and it wasn't going more than 500 miles, or if it was priority or express then you should be worried and you should be contacting USPS about tracking on it and finding its last known whereabouts.If it was first class going a ways away, you're still in range and you've now alarmed your customer for no reason.I say you nip the issue in the bud and contact USPS. Once I contacted them it made it to its destination a day later.That happened to me recently, but I was on the receiving end.Within a day 9 times out of 10 the package will be scanned and begin moving again.You can also email USPS with the tracking number and package information, which seems to get things moving too, even if they never email you back (sometimes they don't if the package is scanned and moving again). My order tracking updates are quite slow/unresponsive.

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It took over a week to arrive and the package was severely beat up.

It was clear it must've fallen off a truck or been stuck somewhere. If it's first class it's still within its delivery time.

First-class mail that is not regional is flown by Fed EX in the same manner Priority Mail is.

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This is why First-Class Mail over long distances frequently is a 2-day service while First-Class Mail cross-state can be more.Also my international shipments now suddenly displayed tracking unavailable for this product ?