Validating data types

15-Oct-2020 19:16

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No parameters are required when declaring a BOOLEAN data type.Use the case insensitive keywords TRUE or FALSE to assign a value to a BOOLEAN data type.The declaration of it controls how the number is presented to an SQL query, but not how it is stored.

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The CHARACTER data type accepts character strings, including Unicode, of a fixed length.

Attempting to assign a value containing more characters than the defined length results in the truncation of the character string to the defined length.

If any of the truncated characters are not blank, an error is raised.

Examples BOOLEAN The SMALLINT data type accepts numeric values with an implied scale of zero.

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It stores any integer value between the range 2^ -15 and 2^15 -1.

If you assign a numeric value with a precision and scale to an INTEGER data type, the scale portion truncates, without rounding.

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