Validating filenames with regularexpression validator

01-Dec-2020 00:56

The following expression is pretty lenient on the format and should accept 999-999-9999, 9999999999, (999) 999-9999.Make sure to be in global mode (g flag), case insensitive and to have the dot all option on.

Visit Stack Exchange It is usually recommended to only use usernames that begin with a lower case letter or an underscore, followed by lower case letters, digits, underscores, or dashes. Note that using a slash ('/') may break the default algorithm for the definition of the user's home directory. On Debian-based systems, apparently there are no very hard constraints.Note that there's just no way to check if the last portion of a path is a file or a directory just by the name alone.You could try to match for an extension, but there's no requirement for a file to have an extension.Block 3 allows adding, deleting and adjusting mask elements. In order to do this, select “Text” in the “Select mask item type” section and click “Add”. The following is the result of the template: The field for inputting email address with validation settings is ready to use. You will now have the menu options to create, edit and view forms of the list containing the new form for inputting email addresses.

Here are several screenshots of the created mask: A library of regular expressions for new masks can be found at:

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