Vancouver sex scene chat lines

23-Nov-2019 19:53

Business owners have complained over the years about the safety of their late- and early-shift employees, and about the impression the neighbourhood leaves with suppliers and clients.

For Barnes the problem became acute in 2002, when the number of sex workers in the industrial lands suddenly spiked.

The City of Vancouver offers two business licences that appear designed to facilitate prostitution: escort agencies and body rub parlours.

Although neither licence specifically mentions the practice, it’s arguably implied by omission.

The industrial area Barnes represents has long been host to street-level prostitution – a result, she says, of a city-sanctioned strategy to get sex workers away from residential neighbourhoods.

“Along with the sex workers came the pimps, the drug dealers and the johns.

The body rub licence doesn’t have that rule, and it costs ,600 a year – more than any other business licence in Vancouver except for a Class-2 casino, a horseracing track and the PNE.

According to many who study the industry, that’s a big reason why it’s so rife with exploitation and abuse. With the help of an experienced escort manager and a pair of activists, she launched Victoria Independent Providers in June: a licensed escort agency that charges escorts fair fees for booking and promotion services and doesn’t rely on intimidation and extortion.

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