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However, he admitted the students should not have been photographed at home without their consent.Blake does not know why the district used the software tracking programme on his computer as he had not reported it lost or stolen, although his lawyer Mark Haltzman said he had failed to pay a (£36) insurance fee.The move came a day after the 6,900-pupil district, which provides students from its two high schools free Mac Books, was sued in federal court on allegations it was undertaking a dragnet surveillance program targeting its students — an allegation the district has repeatedly denied. The family said their son was eating Mike and Ike candy.The suit was based on a claim by sophomore Blake Robbins that school officials reprimanded him for "improper behavior" based on photos the computer secretly took of the boy at home last fall. Thursday's filing, which claims 400 images of Robbins were taken during a two-week period last fall, also says that an IT administrator at the district "may be a voyeur." Lawyers suing the district are urging a federal judge presiding over the case to grant a forensic examination of administrator's personal computer.Performance experience across Poland and United Kingdom Choir, band and solo experience. Voice coaching training and voice mentoring training, Poland, United Kingdom singing lessons nearby? Here's a selection of other listings you can check out.

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A federal judge has granted the FBI access to evidence linked to a webcam scandal at a Philadelphia suburban school district. District Judge Jan Du Bois is presiding over a federal civil lawsuit alleging the district secretly snapped tens of thousands of webcam images (.pdf) of students using school-issued laptops, without the pupils' knowledge or consent.

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The Lower Merion School District, which covers a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia, is being sued by parents after its staff remotely activated the computers' tracking software to find 80 laptops that had gone missing over the last two years.

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None of the images captured by the tracking system appeared to be salacious or inappropriate, said Henry Hockeimer, a lawyer for the school district.

On other occasions, the webcam captured screen shots of instant messages or video chats he was having with friends.