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15-Mar-2020 05:24

Before you get how to Nigeria is a land with many kinds of people and it has about 250 types of ethnic groups. With English as the national language, not all the people speak English Fluently.

If you meet anyone in Nigeria, they can communicate with you in Pidgin English, which is a mixture of the Nigerian and English Words.

Other than that, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo are the main languages of the There are many others, but you would not have to worry about that as they mostly communicate in Pidgin English.

Other than the language, Nigeria has about 32 states with different cultures and traditions.

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When they are about 5 to 6 years old, even though they stay in their family’s house, they are left to take care of themselves and study.

And they usually like those men who are confident and have achieved something in their lives.

Talking about pros, everything is a pro when dating Nigerian women and You get to learn about a new culture and become close to them.

Moreover, you get to find out new things about yourself and explore a new world.

Nigerian Women are very caring as far as you are good to them. And if you are planning to marry one, you have got the best team to hold both your house and business perfectly together with you.always classified hottest black Africans through the Africa.