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He said that Lina Kaufman had a heart-related fainting spell in the bathroom and struck her neck on a magazine rack.

He said injuries to her throat were exacerbated by botched resuscitation efforts by her husband and paramedics.

He said there were no such marks on Kaufman’s hands.

After Hill, the defense called former Palm Beach County Chief Medical Examiner Dr.

Montgomery was then starring as FBI agent Samantha Spade on the CBS mystery drama Without a Trace.

Kaufman began a recurring role, making his first appearance in March 2007 with season 5: episode 19 titled "At Rest" as Brian Donovan, Samantha's love interest for the rest of the series.

Defense attorneys called the testimony “inflammatory and prejudicial,” saying Kaufman’s behavior following his wife’s death with a woman he had never met was irrelevant to whether he murdered Lina.

Judge Miller ruled the jury could hear it though because the defense had portrayed the Kaufman marriage as bilssful.

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“My goodness, she would have been kicking those walls in, and I don’t see any of that.” Hill testified if Lina was being strangled, there should have been gouge marks on Adam Kaufman’s hands from her trying to claw them from her neck.Baden said Lina suffered from heart disease the ME missed.