Who is ed westwick dating in real life

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Since then he appeared in films such as the sequel of Donnie Darko, Romeo and Juliet, Freaks of Nature and Billionaire Ransom.At the end of 2018, Ed split with his long-term girlfriend, model Jessica Serfaty.Rachel Eck, an LA-based producer, was then the third person to claim the actor had assaulted her that year, on the night before the Oscars.The fourth allegation was made in March 2018, by a woman named Haley Freeman. The Los Angeles District Attorney said in July 2018 that they wouldnot be prosecuting the star after taking on two cases and dropping a third.She claimed that she had stayed at his house, and was woken to him assaulting her.The allegations prompted a second claim from Aurélie Wynn, a former actress, who alleged that a ‘similar’ ordeal happened to her when she visited Westwick’s home with her boyfriend at the time, Mark Salling, in 2014.The pair were said to still be in love, but ‘taking time apart to work on themselves and their careers.’ They were together for one year, and she stuck by him throughout the various sexual assault allegations made against him.

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The show marks Westwick’s first appearance since a number of rape cases were dropped against him in the US, and White Gold nearly never returned at all.He played a rendition of “Luck Be a Lady,” which he said Szohr asked him to do for her mom’s birthday.