Why is dating hard

02-Jun-2020 19:58

The teen years can be rough on everyone, emotionally, and high school/college kids are expensive.

The happy examples I'm thinking of remarried in their 50s after a long period of dating and living separately while launching the kids.

The sad truth is that what we see plastered on social media isn’t real.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that there are guys and girls out there that go above and beyond for the person they’re dating whether it is just the beginning of something new or they’ve been with their partner for quite some time.

I agree with it being very easy to find a hookup and harder to find an LTR.

I wait for quite a while to have sex because it does seem a lot of guys arent looking for anything serious. It's hard for my over-40 child-free friends but I think it's worse if you have kids.

We tend to forget that social media is just a platform where people share their experiences, moments, and memories and just to make it clear they are generally sharing the good ones and not the bad ones with the masses.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, the reason why your relationships new and old are failing is because your expectations are unrealistic and instead of growing with a potential partner you instead nix them before they even have a chance to reach their full potential.

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girl dating younger guy

Plus at our age, a lot of the guys our age are fine with dating younger women, but the guys who are older than us can seem so... The difference between 40 and 50 can seem like a lot if the 50-year-old hasn't taken care of himself. It's hard for my over-40 child-free friends but I think it's worse if you have kids.

If you have a single mom with partial custody and a single dad with partial custody, you've got to have compatible custody arrangements so you can see each other enough to build a relationship. I limited myself to only guys who didn't have kids, though.

(before you can introduce the kids.) When one partner doesn't have kids, it's easier for them to fit their schedule into the other person's schedule. Now, the dating market where I am (a southern city) is mostly divorced guys with kids.

However, I think it does paradoxically get easier as you get further away from 40.

Most people in their 40s still have kids at home and are still coparenting.I agree with it being very easy to find a hookup and harder to find an LTR. I guess maybe I am a little younger than them but not by much.

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