Windows xp stuck on validating identity wireless network

17-Oct-2020 23:37

I have 26 digit WEP code for the gigabit-N router setup. Any help from any one on this forum will be appreciative. I think that you have to update all the Windows XP software downloads.

I want to connect this computer without going down to a 10 or 11 digit code key but I don? Remove the driver for the wireless device and download the latest driver from internet and install in on your computer.

It may be that it is from the manufacturer and not part of the adapter itself.

It could be just turned off so look in the start programs and see if you can find the wireless program installed. Once it is installled it will run automatically when you go wireless...

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I dont have any software to manage my wireless options, so I did it through my web browser.First of all go to the "Wireless Networks" tab and then open the properties of the wireless network to which you are trying to connect. After that you have to go to "authentification" tab and there you have to untick the box which says "Enable IEEE802.1x to the available network" and I am sure that it will solve the issue for you. I am using a enhanced-G USB wireless adapter to connect to a desktop computer.

Whenever I try to do that it shows me some message which says "Validating Identity".I would also like to recommend you the same thing as it was posted before by Snake08 but in addition to that post if that is not working then you can try to add the network manually.